D.B. Woodside Lucifer Series Amenadiel Jacket

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Amenadiel, the eldest angel in the TV series ‘Lucifer,’ inspires the audience with his impeccable, killer looks and resilience. The magnetic charisma has been brought noteworthy by the dashing D.B. Woodside Lucifer in this flawless, modish leather jacket.

Product Features:

Designed to meet the dapper needs of the modern generation; the jacket reveals the best quality leather construction.
The trendy outfit has been given a prominent branded zipper style at front for a dazzling closure. 
A snap tab button collar is allocated for a voguish appeal and smart emblem. 
The jacket is finely finished with two zipper waist and inside pockets that bring an admirable style and practicality.
Full length sleeves with open hem cuffs rock the classic outfit for suitable layering. 

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